Who is the king of A-share R & D who is temporarily delayed by R & D?

Who is the king of A-share R & D who is temporarily delayed by R & D?

Original title:[Interpretation]Who is the king of A-share R & D?

  Reporter | Cao Li is reasonable. Generally, the current R & D expenditure of an enterprise will not immediately increase the current profit, but may lower the current profit. However, if a technology company is unwilling to invest in research and development, there is definitely no future.

  The interim report disclosure season has ended. Due to the requirements of the new accounting standards, this year’s interim report is different from previous years. All companies disclosed the R & D expenses.

This also reveals how much companies have recognized R & D.

Who has the highest funding for R & D?

Who is the future invisible technology bull?

This article will be revealed one by one.

(Exclude ST shares in this statistic) Who in A shares has invested the most in R & D?

  The answer is neither the beloved 5G nor the tall AI. PetroChina ranks first among the unexpected. Of the top 15 companies with the highest A-share R & D investment, 13 are state-owned enterprises.

  Data source: Wind, Interface News Research Department According to the 2018 Annual Report of PetroChina, the company has 39,377 R & D personnel, accounting for 8 of the total number of companies.

27%. The company obtained 2,848 patents in China that year. The project “Theoretical Techniques for Exploration of Conglomerate Reservoir in the Sag Area and the Discovery of Mahu Extra Large Oilfield” also received the sole nomination of the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award Special Prize.It provided a theoretical basis for the discovery of Xinjiang’s oversized coal.

  Who among A-share private enterprises has invested the most in R & D?

  Among the top 15 companies in the private sector R & D occupation, there are more than 4 companies related to the automotive sector, respectively BYD (002594).

SZ), Ningde era (300750.

SZ), Joyson Electronics (600699.

SH) and Yutong Bus (600066.


It also shows that some automotive industries are generally sluggish at present, and the new energy and automotive electronics fields that the four companies are good at will still be an important battlefield for independent innovation in the future.

  The consumer electronics sector is another key area of R & D by private companies, including Lixun Precision and Lansi Technology, and industrial Fulian (601138.

SH), BYD, TCL Group (000100.

SZ) also includes part of the consumer electronics business.

  Data source: Wind, who has the highest R & D investment as a percentage of revenue?

  Companies with a high percentage of R & D financing are mainly in the software and semiconductor industries, among which software companies include Hang Seng Electronics (600570.

SH), four-dimensional map new (002405.

SZ), winning when winning (300377.

SZ), Sunada (600571.

SZ), ArcSoft Technology (688088.

SH); the semiconductor industry includes Guoke Micro (300672).

SZ), Changchuan Technology (300604.

SZ), Fuhan Micro (300613).


  Data source: Wind, interface news and research department, Hang Seng Electronics and ArcSoft ‘s ROE in the first half of the year exceeded 8%, indicating that this is the company ‘s large R & D and has not swallowed the net profit.A virtuous circle of R & D.

  Who might be the “invisible learner” temporarily delayed by R & D intervention?

  If R & D is compared to learning and profits are compared to test scores, then companies like Hengrui Medicine belong to the “Bai Ma Xue Ba”. They study well and score well.

  However, with such a type of company, the supplement of research and development has driven the growth of revenue, but the high amount of research and development investment has not released profits in the short term.

Such a company is also very hard to study, but the content of his studies has not been fully covered in the short-term exams, so the results are not reflected, it is difficult to get market recognition and there is the possibility of being underestimated. A certain company can be called “invisible”Learn to dominate”, they may become “white horse to dominate” in the future.

  How to find such an “invisible learner”?

We selected the following indicators: high proportion of R & D investment, interim report revenue growth rate of more than 20%, and net profit increased.It can be seen that these companies are not well-known in the market, and it may be pointed out that the market is fully aware.

  Data source: Wind, who has invested in R & D in the 杭州桑拿网 interface news research department, but the market has not approved it yet?

  This indicator can be trimmed from market value to R & D expenses (the first half of the year). Some companies have spent a lot of effort on R & D, but the market does not recognize it. The market believes that the R & D of these companies may not bring company profits in the future.

It can be seen that the automobile industry has become the hardest hit area, and among the 15 companies with the lowest research rates in the city, 5 are from the automobile industry.

  Data source: Wind, Interface News Research Department, but we ca n’t reject the automotive industry ‘s R & D in this regard. Explained, in the global autonomous driving patent competition rankings, Joyson Electronics ranks 32th, and is the only Chinese company to enter the top 50., 北京桑拿洗浴保健 While Baidu only 114.

  How should the market judge the company’s future R & D results?

This is something all investors need to think about.

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