Weight loss: thin waist with eyes closed

Weight loss: thin waist with eyes closed

Day and night thin waist ● Open your eyes and open your eyes in the morning immediately after you open your eyes. You can start to exercise immediately.

  After opening your eyes, lie on your back in bed and move forward for about ten seconds without holding your breath.

  When supine, the feet should be contracted as much as possible. The upper right side is bent at 90 degrees and placed on the vertical waist for the axial direction.

  Sit on the bed, lean your upper body forward, and perform a contraction motion of your back. Insert your hands into your head and insert them forward for about 10 seconds.

  Stand up, bend your left elbow to the back of your head, grab your left elbow with your right hand, and try to tilt to the right with this movement, about 10 seconds, doing a left-right swap.

  ● Bed exercise before going to bed before closing your eyes can help you to lose weight while going to bed. Gently moving your body before going to bed can strengthen the sympathetic nerves and have a slight effect of inhibiting absorption during sleep.

  Pay attention to the posture, insert the elbows into the back of the head, clamp the pillow with both hands, and try to bend the wrist 20 times.

  It will reach a 90-degree bending state. Clamp the pillow between the insertions to reduce abdominal tightening and have the effect of lifting the hips. Slowly return to the original position and lift it again for 20 times.

  Press the pillow under the abdomen, fracture the hand, lift your right hand and left foot about 20 cm, and do 20 back and forth.

  Slimming waist is a pose you never imagined, because it requires your main shaft to stand up and overcome gravity, and you will exercise all your abdominal muscles-especially the obliques-and your lower back.
This is the best way to slim down your waist!

Be careful not to relax your hips while doing the action.


Starting from the starting point, lift your thighs, hips and torso off the ground and support your weight with forearms and feet.

Extend your legs and your right foot over your left.

Place your right hand behind your head, with your elbows pointing up in line with your shoulders.


Bend forward slowly, using your right elbow as a guide until it touches the ground in front of your fingertips.

Back to the starting position.

Repeat 3 to 5 times to change direction.

  Do you want to hide in a quilt, read a book or have a snack or watch TV?

You may wish to take some time to exercise, exercise your muscles, don’t give yourself an excuse not to exercise!

  These exercises are done standing, please open your feet and shoulder width.

Then, raise your right foot about 45 degrees for 6 seconds.

Let it sit naturally with both hands.

Take turns 15-20 times!

This will help you raise your hips.

  Step your left foot forward, and then your right foot will support the left and right turns 15 times, stopping for 16 seconds each time. This will allow you to step on your thigh muscles to reduce fat.

  Put your hands on your hips, then raise one of your feet to the position of the abdomen, and stretch it forward for another 5 seconds. Both feet take turns 15 times each. This also has the function of raising hips.

  Face your body upwards, then lift your right foot with your right hand for 5 seconds, and press your left hand on the board.

Change your left foot.

About 5 times.

This will also strengthen your thigh and knee muscles.

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