Central Propaganda Department awarded Lian India "era model" title

  Beijing, October 18 electricity for in-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping, "July" important speech, vigorously carry forward the concept of ecological civilization, continue to promote a strong army Hing Chinese military industry brought together to achieve a strong army Dream dream of power struggle, the Central Propaganda Department cloud released by the way, the whole society publicity release deeds of Comrade Zhang Lian India, awarded him the "era model" title. Lian Yin, male, Han nationality, Shanxi Zuoyun people, born in January 1945, Communist Party members, former deputy commander of Military Region, Hebei Province. He joined the army in 1964, the party’s culture, through refinement troops, from 100 meals to eat, clothes to wear one hundred cowboy, grow into senior military cadres. In the 40-year military career, his core with the party, bent on seeking to win, put all the youth to the cause of national defense and military modernization.

After retirement in 2003, he decided to return home, green hills, wind and sand control, improve the ecological benefit of the villagers, even if suffering from cancer, still struggle more than 18 years, led the team to a total planted acres, more than 200 million, is Zuoyun environmental improvement and Tianjin sandstorm source control has made outstanding contributions.

He does not plan name not for profit, in order to use every penny afforestation, ecological construction achievements all free of charge to the collective; he construction of party spirit education base, carry out Party cadres and the masses and education for young people, encouraging carry forward the Party’s fine style of work, preaching the party glorious history, highly praised by the local people, known as the "new era of Gan Zuchang ‘s" "Yangshan Zhou in uniform."

It has been recognized as "National Advanced Individual retired cadres," "army advanced retired cadres." Comrade Zhang Lian India deeds after extensive media coverage, the whole society has attracted enthusiastic responses. The majority of party members and cadres and the masses and the troops generally agreed that Comrade Zhang Lian India is early heart mission sincere stick person, "Two Mountains" theory vivid practitioners, revolutionary tradition of exemplary heritage, was the heart of the people, for the benefit of the home of "greening general"; many old comrades believe, Lian Indian comrades Laojifuli worthiness, shine, green motherland, is the concept of active aging, healthy aging vivid idea practitioner, the majority of older people are learning practice example. We have said to the "era model" for example, learning heroes and models of deeds and noble character, draw strength from the spirit of forging ahead pedigree Chinese Communists, the more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping , Xi Jinping fully implement the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, strengthen the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance" heart "of the country’s big" for the realization of people’s yearning for a better life of unremitting efforts in achieving the second goal of a new journey for centuries, creating a brilliant performance worthy of the history and the people. "Era model" release ceremony announced the "CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department Lian printed on the granting of comrades" "decide the title of" era model, played deeds reflect his short film.

Responsible comrades of the Central Propaganda Department issued the "era model" medal and certificate for the Lien-ti gay and India.

Natural Resources Department, the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, the National Defense Ministry of the Central Military Commission and the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and some cadres and masses, the military officers and men’s representatives participated in the publishing ceremony.

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