Shenzhen Maha Yoga: Li Wenhong

Shenzhen Maha Yoga: Li Wenhong

In 2000, she came into contact with yoga and was attracted by its inherent charm.

He trained under the KR YOGA system of master yoga master MASTER CAMAL and obtained the Yoga Basic Coach Qualification Certificate from the Asian Institute of Physical Fitness in Hong Kong.

Attended the training of sports spine care coach of Hong Kong International Sports Institute and obtained the coach qualification certificate.

In the same year, he continued to conduct advanced yoga instructor training courses and obtained qualification certificates.

  For many years, he has been studying and studying with famous yoga masters and instructors at home and abroad.

Participated in the meditation training of Indian masters, Master Aiyango ‘s disciple ANN BARROS and the Australian Institute of Physical Fitness and Sports Professor Michael (Michel) Iyengar system of yoga safety and aid training, ASHTANGAR China recognizedInstructor Li Xiaozhong’s FLOW YOGA training.

Attend a yoga sleep refresher course taught by the Dean of the Australian Yoga Academy.

Can bring you different experiences and feelings in the course.

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