Escape neck pain claws make you sit healthier

Escape neck pain claws make you sit healthier

People who have been sitting in the office for a long time, or have been using a computer for a long time, easily have pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. At this time, when they touch the big acupoint, they will have an abnormal tenderness.

 This is because improper posture and excessive tension make the veins of the neck and shoulders blocked, and the solar bladder meridian of the foot is blocked, and the Daxian acupoint is prone to lose blood flow.

At the same time, poor posture will exert pressure on the spine bone quality. Over time, bone hyperplasia, which is called “bone disease”, will increase the condition of qi and blood stasis in acupoints.

  Therefore, keeping the Qi and blood in the Daxu acupoint unobstructed, the circulation of Qi and blood in the neck and shoulders is guaranteed, and the symptoms of cervical spondylosis can be improved.

  When you start to feel sometimes sore and uncomfortable shoulders, often massage, rub the big acupoints, and then tap the big acupuncture points up and down, and take time every day to do 2?
Three times, 10 minutes each time, can promote the unblocking of qi and blood, and avoid the formation of stasis of qi and blood in the Daxu acupoint.

I feel soreness when I massage acupoints, but I feel comfortable after massage.

  Every day, I use the plum blossom needle to hit the area of Daxun Point 3?
5 times, 5 minutes each time, you will get better results.

When the pain persists, can you cup cups at the acupuncture point after lightly tapping on the plum needle?
10 minutes.

If you avoid excessive tension at this stage, avoid prolonged sitting and continuous eye fatigue, such self-care can prevent cervical spondylosis from continuing to develop and tend to improve.

  If cervical spondylosis has already formed and there is obvious neck, shoulder, and neck pain, at this time, it is not enough to just massage or use the plum blossom needles to stimulate the Acupoint.Massage, plum needle tapping and cupping.

  In general, you should relax your body and mind, get enough sleep, and avoid excessive fatigue. Cervical spondylosis will still recover to a considerable degree, which can control the pain at the end of the cervical spine and ensure the quality of life.

  However, if the cervical spine and cervical pain worsen, even numbness in the arms, pain, weakness, or dizziness, you should go to the hospital for treatment and follow regular acupuncture and vermiculite treatment.

  It should be noted that acute neck and shoulder pain, accompanied by swelling of the neck and shoulder muscles, should not be used to strongly stimulate the acupoints of the acupoints, so as not to increase the swelling of the muscles and make the pain worse.

You can only use plum blossom needles to lightly stimulate the acupuncture points to improve the microcirculation of the acupuncture points.

  How to take the Daxian point to find the seventh cervical vertebra (the highest bone tip in the lower part of the cervical vertebra), and the next bone tip is the spinous process of the first thoracic spine.Finger muscle depression.

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