What vegetables should be eaten by neurasthenia?

What vegetables should be eaten by neurasthenia?

Neurasthenia is a relatively broad term, which is now called a part of depression, anxiety, tension headache, insomnia, indigestion and so on.

It refers to the phenomenon of mental excitement and mental fatigue due to long-term stress and stress, often accompanied by emotional troubles, irritability, sleep disorders, muscle tension and pain, etc.; then what food is good for neurasthenia.

Nervous neurasthenia is actually one of the mental illnesses. In addition to the necessary medications, patients need to adjust from daily life to achieve the best therapeutic effect. Therefore, patients must be reasonable in diet.The adjustment, so patients should pay attention to the following points in the diet: patients with neurasthenia should eat more foods that have nutritional value for the brain: substitute lipids, substitute proteins, substitute sugar, vitamin b, vitamin pp and vitamin e foods., vitamin c, food added with trace elements.

1, staple food and beans wheat, millet, corn, rice, flour, sweet potatoes, germ, coarse rice, oats, soybeans and soy products.

2, meat and egg milk, lean pork, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, fish, eggs, animal brain, liver, heart, kidney, blood, crystals, sea cucumbers, quail eggs and oysters are also good for neurasthenia and insomnia.

3, vegetable straw mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, etc., 藕, lily, radish, roll heart, spinach, Chinese cabbage and so on.

4, fruit peanuts, walnuts, lotus seeds, sesame and other nuts, jujube kernels, longan, jujube, sugar cane, kiwi, citrus and other fresh fruits containing vitamin C.

5, other white sugar, brown sugar, honey.

The above is a good content of neurasthenia to eat what food, I hope to help everyone, thank you for your attention and support!

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