Several provisions of the production and use of the Party flag of the Communist Party of China

  Article 1 In order to safeguard the dignity of the party’s party emblem of the Communist Party of China, this provision is made to form this provision.

  Article 2 The party flag of the Chinese Communist Party is a symbol and sign of the Communist Party of China.

Organizations and every party members at all levels should respect and love party flags.

  Article 3 The Chinese Communist Party Flag is a red flag in a golden party emblem of the flag. The Chinese Communist Party Emblem is a pattern of sickle and hammer. Article 4 The general specifications of the party flag have the following five: (1) 288 cm long and 192 cm wide; (2) 240 cm long, 140 cm wide; (3) 192 cm wide, 128 cm wide; (4) long 144 Centimeter, 96 cm wide; (5) 96 cm long and 64 cm wide.

  In a particular location, you need to use a non-universal basis party, and the Organization Department of the Party of the county level is approved. The specific size of the party emblem for suspension is proposed by the party organization using the party emblem and reports to the party committee of county-level party.

  Article 5 Party Flags and party emblems used in hanging, the Central Organization Department designated enterprises from the company’s national emblem, in accordance with the Chinese Communist Party Band Code Huge Law Method. Article 6 The scope of use of the party flag: (1) Hold the party’s grassroots representative conference, holding a new party member into the party swearing ceremony; (2) a major celebration, commemorative event, party day activities within the party; (3) Party committee and its work The department, the party’s central and local committees sent by the representative organs and their work sections, the party’s discipline inspection agency, can hang the party flag.

  According to the Flag Law, there is generally hanging the party flag in the place where the flag is regulated.

  Article 7 The scope of use of party emblem: (1) The party committee and its working department, the party’s central and local committees, the parties, the party’s discipline inspection agency, the party’s seal (in the stamp) should be engraved There is a party emblem; (2) convening the party’s national congress, representing the conference and local representative conferences, representing the meeting, should hang the party’s emblem, and five red flags on both sides of the party emblem; (3) Organizations from all levels The award, certificate and other honorary instruments, documents, can be printed by the party emblem; (4) The party can be printed on the party.

  In addition to the above, the use of party emblems and their patterns need to be approved by the Organization Department of the Party of the county level and county level.

  Article 8 The party’s party is suspended, and it should be placed in a significant position. Using the party flagship and its pattern, it should be serious and solemn. Article 9 shall not use damaged, stain, faded or unable to meet the party’s party logo.

  Article 10 Party flags and their patterns shall not be used as trademarks and advertisements.

  Article 11 The organizational organizations at all levels shall conduct supervision and inspection of the implementation of this provision, and the party organizations and party members who violate this provision should be criticized and educated, and the circumstances should be given the discipline punishment of the party. Article 12 It is implemented from the date of issuance. Attachment 1: The Chinese Communist Party Flag Method has shown that the party flag on both sides on both sides of the party.

For convenience, this item is only in the left side of the flagpole.

For the flagpole on the right side, the left should be changed to the left. 1 The ratio of the flag is 3: 2, and the top left of the top left is partially embellished. 2 The length of the flag is divided into the 4th equivalent rectangle with the wide center line, and the upper left side can draw a small square.

The party emblem is cut in the square of 8 × 8 small square, the upper part of the square is 3 grids on the flag, and the left side is 4 in the left side. 3 flag holder is white.

  The Chinese Communist Party Coalition Method attached 2: The Chinese Communist Party Coales Method 1 Distribute a square into 32 equivalents, and the divider line numbers are horizontal 1 to 33, vertical 1 ‘~ 33’. Picture diagonal AC, BD.

  2 Picture of Hammer: Connect E (29, 33 ‘), F (33, 29’), and from the parallel line of the AC from E, F, constitute a hammer. From the G point (8,918 ‘, 19’ midpoint) as the parallel line to h (19, 207 ‘, 8’ midpoint), from G, H, as the parallel line to I of AC, respectively ( 4, 14 ‘), J (17, 5’), from I to the parallel line of BD, with k point (13,141 ‘midpoint) as a center, KJ is the radius of the radius, and constitute a hammer head.

  3 sickle painting: That is marted by m (17, 17), Mn (N points is 17, 1 ‘) is the radius arc ⌒NO (O point is 17, 33’); at P Point (17, 15 ‘) is round, PO is a radius, and the extended line of HG is q points; in the R point (1116’, 17 ‘midpoint) as a center, Rn is a radius, and is cross-passing The S point; in the T point (16, 1716 ‘, 17’ midpoint) is round, TS is a radius, and is interspersed with the vertical line through the T point to the u point; in v point (16, 1711 ‘) For the center, Vu is a radius arc, and the extension line of Hg is over W, constitute a sickle. Taking X points (3, 4 30 ‘, 31’ midpoint) is tangent to AB, BC line, from the Y point (6, 30 ‘), z point (4, 28’), respectively, linear parallel In BD, the sickle is constituted.


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