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Tips to be a clean beauty for the new year

The New Year is coming, of course, there are many carnival parties and parties.

Low-cut mini dresses and mini skirts are the best choice for parties and parties.

But we often have a lot of concerns and give up these beautiful clothes.

One of the fatal reasons is that our elbows, feet and other places are dark and look dirty, and naturally we will hide them.

There are horny problems even on us.

Now Xiaobian comes to rescue the MM who has these problems, and tells you 6 tips for quickly getting clean up and down!

Let everyone show how they want to be exposed, and be a clean beauty for the new year.

  1. Facial Exfoliation Tips Many MMs will feel that they use face wash daily to wash their face. Is there any horny?

In fact, this idea is wrong. Facial cleanser can only keep the surface of our skin clean, but a lot of bacteria and dust will hide in our skin through our pores, making our fair and smooth skin moreIt’s getting rougher and darker.

  Tips: 1.

Before exfoliating your face, it is best to know your skin type.

Clean your face thoroughly, preferably after massaging and washing your face.


The nose, forehead, and chin have the most greasy cuticles. You can use an exfoliating scrub to gently rub the rough cuticles of these areas.


When exfoliating, you should take off according to the growth direction of the skin. Do not apply too much force and do not take off too much at once to prevent skin rubbing or peeling and sensitivity.


After exfoliating, older cuticles and acne, melanin, etc. on the face epidermis will be removed more cleanly. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing, so that it is not easy to dry and sensitive.

  Recommended products: Yin Fusha keratin purification liquid Reference price: RMB290 Product specifications: 150ml Product introduction: A special keratin care solution that can gently remove aging horny skin.

It is a special keratin care solution that is completely aging keratin and can completely remove excess sebum.

Makes sensitive and sticky skin return to a smooth, soft state.

Makes susceptible dry skin to fullness and softness.

Please use it as the first step of care after cleansing your face in the morning and evening.

  Editor’s comment: It is a special keratin care solution that can gently remove aging keratin.

Makes sensitive and sticky skin return to a smooth, soft state.

The effect is very obvious, apply a little cotton pad, and then apply it for a few minutes to see a lot of dead skin on it.

And the face will become smooth and tender immediately.

Recommended for people with weak sebum production.

  2. Facial Mask Exfoliating Tips Facial mask is also a good assistant for exfoliating.

Many MMs will have a lot of questions in this regard.

For example, are masks suitable only for evenings?

How long does it take to work?

How often?

Can it really turn white?

  Tips: 1.

The whitening ingredients in the mask contain substances that are easily oxidized, and the effect can be affected by photodecomposition.

It is best not to do whitening treatments before going out during the day, you can use moisturizing and sunscreen instead.

It’s the same on cloudy days.  2.

Depending on the skin condition, it usually takes 3-6 months to see the whitening effect.


The mask can be used once every two weeks, the frequency is too alternating but not good for the skin.


Whitening mask can not make you white, but the correct whitening care can increase the gloss and texture of the skin surface, and it will give a new impression over time.


Different types of masks are used for different skin types. When buying a mask, MM must first understand its skin type before buying according to the functions and functions of the mask.

  Recommended product: Lancome Hydrating Hydrating Mask Reference Price: RMB360 Product Specification: 100ml Product Introduction: Suitable for any skin, especially dehydrated skin, capture and lock moisture, can instantly fill the epidermal layer with moisture, and the fine lines that are dehydrated can be immediatelyDiminish.

  Editor’s comment: The weight of this product is very soft. It constantly fills the skin with a large amount of water during use. Quick hydration is one of its biggest effects.

And it can soothe sensitive phenomena and reduce dark spots. After use, you will feel smooth and shiny skin.

  3. Tips for exfoliating lips Many times when we apply lip gloss, we will find that the color of the lips is not good-looking, and it is very different from the color of lip gloss.

There may even be cracks and peeling.

At this point, our horny horns are making trouble, they make our lips darker, a lot of small fine lines appear on the mouth, and peeling.

  Tips: 1.

Soak the towel in a little hot water, close to the lips, but don’t stick to the lips.


Apply a cotton swab to the lip exfoliating product and gently wipe the lips from left to right once or twice.


Wipe the dead skin with warm water and apply with lip care products.


If you want to be more moisturized, you can use honey to cover the lips with a plastic wrap and remove it after 10 minutes.

Smoke the lips with steam in these 10 minutes or use a warm towel for a while.

  Recommended products: Vichy Brightening Vitality Lip Gloss Reference Price: RMB98 Product Specifications: 10ml Product Introduction: Brightening Vitality, once again interprets Oligo25 Brightening Vitality Series, using the unique ingredients of other brands, added to prevent blood vessel contraction and make the skin healthyRuddy trace element Mn (Mn); plus natural polysaccharides that have a gentle exfoliating function to make the skin surface smooth and smooth; and a humectant that supplements and locks skin moisture.

  Editor’s comment: Vichy’s things always give people simple and pure colors, basically white, blue and green. This lip gloss is surprisingly bright and pink.

It is very moisturizing, thin and does not need to be rubbed many times a day.

And it also has a gentle exfoliating function to make your lips smooth and delicate.

  4, elbow, toe to horny tips. Elbow, toe to these two places, the horny is particularly obvious, it looks particularly disproportionate to other skin.

It is also for this reason that many MMs and beautiful clothes pass by.

MM now wants to take care of his body, to make himself more beautiful, only he is diligent.

As the saying goes, there are only lazy women and no ugly women in the world.

  Tips: 1.

Sauna in the bath first to accelerate the blood circulation of the body and also to soften the cuticle of the skin.


Use a bath salt or body scrub to rub the entire body, and use a shower gel suitable for you to clean the skin after pressing.


After bathing, use body emollients to moisturize the skin when the water on the skin is not completely dry.

  Recommended products: Yves Lixue exfoliating plant mud Reference price: 150 yuan Product specifications: 150ml Features; Product characteristics Green plant mud-like particle size, scrub particles are soft and delicate, fresh green herbal breath; skin care effect removes accumulated horny, skin is incredibleSoft and smooth deep detox, re-breathing and glowing skin.

  Editor’s comment: a touch of herbal flavor, with moderate particle size.

Massage should be able to detox. After use, the skin is very smooth and tender, and it is easy to rinse.
And it can also detox deeply.

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