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  The honey pear trees in the mountains are swaying with the wind, which seems to tell the joy of harvest. In the distance, a crisp sound came – "This is our launch of the pear tree. If you spend 120 yuan a year, you can recognize a man, you will pick it up." The voice just fell, there were people in the crowd: "I want to think!" Recommend the pear tree is a young man who returns to the hometown of Shiyue Wall Village, Huayu City, Sichuan Province. Thanks to the support of policies, funds, technology and other channels, Guang’an migrant workers returned to the hometown of entrepreneurship, now, the city is like Li Juan’s return to the entrepreneurship, and the new motivation is injected into the country industry. Building a platform, helping home from home, starting with the return home, Li Juan has a stomach.

In 2006, she was only 17 years old, she went to Shenzhen to Shenzhen from his hometown because of diligence, good learning, and the customer service commissioner from the e-commerce platform in several years. Li Juan returned home in the New Year, and found that some specialty sales in his hometown were not smooth. Good things were selling well.

She is determined to change this situation, and 2018 resolutely returned home business.

  At the beginning of the entrepreneurship, Li Juan met a problem: Where did the money come from? How does the base? How to build the logistics center? … Just on the occasion of her frowning, in 2019, Hua City has established returning entrepreneurship demonstration park, and returning to the hometown of migrant workers can enter the park from entering the park. Bai Xuefeng, director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Hua Yum City, introduced that the park provides support for entrepreneurs in the way "one point and two three exemptions", entrepreneurial management, agricultural capital company uniformly purchased agricultural resources, unified sales products, Free construction of infrastructure, free technical service, free offering "Guang’an Honey Pear" brand use rights.

  "Demonstration Park has built a good platform, which greatly reduces entrepreneurial cost. After entering the demonstration park, Li Juan passed" e-commerce training + sales ", driving more than 30 farmers selling agricultural products for more than 50 million yuan, developing honeypar And the pomegranate black tea industry, absorb more than 60 farmers in the surrounding workers.

  Bai Xuefeng introduced that Hua Yong City took more than 621 market mains, the industrial park, etc. Organized training, support policy, in 2019, Zhejiang Help Lake breeding project settled in Guang’an, Guang’an District, Guang’an District, Baimou Town, Shihe Village, Hanzhao, built a farm, introduced a group of lake sheep breeding sheep.

However, due to the cultured technology, many kinds of sheep died successfully.

After understanding the actual situation, the human society took the initiative to contact Tour Han Zhong, let him participate in the training of leadership, learn Lake Yangfu.

  After learning, Tour Han Zhong immediately rushed into the farm.

Early, in the morning, he drilled into the sheep circle, cleared carefully; tightening the physical condition of the lake sheep, see which sheep is not good, and treat it in time.

Soon, the breeding scale of Tour Han Zhong has increased to more than 200. "Entrepreneurship is not easy, training can improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, too necessary!" Tour Han Zhong sighs.

  In Guang’an District, the relevant departments have organized returning entrepreneurship training 27, more than 1,000 people directly benefit.

  Training helps visit the Han Zhong’s entrepreneurship into the right track, his sister travels, relying on policy support, and crossing the entrepreneurial. In 2014, tourism homes to start a business, and the self-establishment of the lemon base in 200,000, and cooperated with the China Citrus Institute, the industry has developed smoothly. "As planting is getting bigger and bigger, the company’s liquidity has difficulty.

"You said.

  When you travel, you are in anxious feet, and the subsidy of local poverty alleviation traffic is timely payment. The seven departments of the company’s migrant workers have received 800 yuan per month.

"These funds help the company to solve the urgent urgent.

"You said.

  Today, the company has opened the situation, the lemon is not worried, and more than 700 farmers have been driven around more than 10,000 mu. Bai Ma Tiang has also become a far-known lemon town.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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