This year, Fujian Province fiscally arranged 18 billion yuan to support urban and rural construction quality improvement.

Original title: This year, the provincial fiscal will arrange 1.8 billion yuan to support urban and rural construction quality to give full play to the benefits of special funds, enhance urban quality and the happiness of the masses. The Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Housing, "Fujian Province The regular basis for the construction of the environmental construction is clear from this year, and the provincial finance has arranged more than 1.8 billion yuan per year, support urban and rural construction quality improvement. Among them, more than 1.5 billion yuan is arranged to support 16 types of project construction such as urban and rural life sewage waste disposal, historical and cultural protection and utilization, greenways and public parking facilities, and promote urban renewal operations and rural construction actions. At the same time, annual additional arrangements are positively incentive with 300 million yuan, used to promote all localities, transportation, water environment, winds, and management of five quality enhancements and top ten template construction. The provincial fiscal is supported by factors such as environmental governance, prioritizing the provision of funds of the provincial party committees for private practical projects, striving to 2025, all sets of fundamental construction, classification, classification, classification and transportation , Classification processing system, the province’s rural life sewage governance rate is more than 65%, 50% of the urban construction area reached the construction standard of sponge city.

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