Fresh orange peel is not mixed

Fresh orange peel is not mixed

The effect of dry skin, dampness and phlegm in Chenpi’s rational tone can be used to treat dyspepsia caused by stagnation of stagnation of stomach and stagnation, abdominal fullness and asthma caused by dampness and phlegm.

Some people think that tangerine peel and fresh orange peel (fresh peel peeled off when eating oranges) are the same thing, so they use fresh orange peel as the dry and damp sputum peel to remove water and drink. This kind of understanding is wrong.

  Although the tangerine peel is ripe or dried, it can be aged as long as possible. Generally, it can only be used after another year.

Although fresh orange peel and tangerine peel are the same thing, their properties are quite different.

Fresh tangerine peel contains volatile oil content, which is not sufficient for the medicinal effect of tangerine peel. After tangerine peel ‘s volatile oil content is greatly reduced every year, the content of flavonoids in the tangerine peel will increase relatively. Only then will the tangerine peel’s medicinal value be reflected.

Because the surface of fresh orange peel is contaminated with pesticides and preservatives, these chemical preparations are harmful to human health. Soaking water with it may also have adverse effects on health.

  Even the skin is not everyone can take the water instead.

Chenpi has mild temperature, pain, bitterness, fever, dry mouth, constipation, yellow urine and other symptoms of fever, should not suffer from Chenpishui.

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