Casting the grassroots spread "last km"

Since this year, Zhangzhou Nanxun has effectively played the perspective role of the district emergency broadcast this cultural Huimin project, real-time publicity of epidemic prevention and control measures, authoritative information, scientific and epidemic prevention knowledge, guide the masses to improve the awareness of protection, and start the epidemic prevention and control promotion of sniper battle, Become the main front of the local party committee government emergency propaganda. At the same time, it also spreads knowledge of national benefits, science and technology, and historical culture, and makes service work for rural villages.

"Three cores" coordinates efficient promotion construction with the three core principles of "grading construction, internal and external joint, up and down", and coordinate the construction of emergency broadcast construction. Give full play to the role of emergency broadcasting system in the emergency management field, establish and improve the emergency information release mechanism, set up a leading group of emergency broadcasting work, responsible for the organization leadership of the emergency broadcast system construction work in the district, coordinate coordination, overall promotion and supervision and implementation, ensure Work is stable and efficient.

Establish work synergy mechanism, department town village to strengthen docking, establish and improve operation and maintenance, emergency management, emergency cooperation division of labor, meeting with relevant departments in the development of emergency information issuance system, categorized, divided, sub-region, and population of effective precision communication .

At present, there is a total of 3.5 million yuan, 1 emergency broadcast system area platform, one district straight part, 11 towns (street) platforms, 90 administrative village platforms, terminal 10,000, cover people, realize The emergency broadcast system is fully covered. "Five Systems" strengthen management uses institutional measures such as "Nanxun District Rural Emergency Radio Network Project Construction Implementation Plan" and "Measures for the Implementation of Emergency Broadcasting and Maintenance and Maintenance Management Work Management Work in Nanxun District", establish technology, standard, management, and operation 5 sets of 5 management systems, the formulation of the technical solution, the implementation of the standard 1 set, the management and operational guarantee mechanism and 4 sets of talent cultivation mechanism, forming the consensus, interacting "horizontal vertical". Established the emergency broadcast content of the District Rongsheng Media Center, and use social forces to set up 3 professional management teams, guarantee the transmission of emergency information transmission to meet the public emergency event information.

At the same time, strictly review the contents of the control, all implementation of the "three-review" system and check the account.

"Six-one standard" to play the service function advantage to formulate a list of emergency broadcast system duties, in accordance with the "One Town (Street) Chamber, one control", "Six" standards, implementation, all-weather, all-round, all Time warning information release, policy preaching and public cultural entertainment services.

At present, there is more than 30,000 authority of the epidemic prevention and control, the poverty, family planning, flood prevention, comprehensive treatment, straw ban, flood control, and conscription, more than 300,000 people, exceeding 300,000 people, realize the party and the government’s voice " The throat shouted. " In addition, the area also opened columns, carefully broadcast "Xiaodu said" "Xue Wen Di", "Country Spring Festival Evening", etc., let the masses deeply feel around people, around, coagon positive energy, create a good time to Harmonious new wind.

(Qin Yu Di Zhengdong) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Gong) Sharing Let more people see.

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