Dalian Petrochemical Party History See the Benefits "Lunch Box" 10 tons of wax

  Since the study of party history, the party committee of Dalian Petrochemical Company organized all the students of all employees, recalling the history of the factory, and strive to build a world-class refining enterprise. The company’s employees actively explore the practice path and transform the results of learning into high-quality development.

  In the third joint workshop of the birthplace of the company’s entrepreneur, the employees revisit the history of the struggle, deep into the spiritual connotation, sampling the brains, digging efficiency, by adjusting the wax sample More than 10 tons of dehydrated wax each year. "There is a three sets of ketone devices in the workshop, and 36 samples are taken every day.

However, the original sampling dish is relatively large, and the weight of each wax is about a kilogram, and the total amount of sampled sample is more than 10 tons a year. "Dalian Petrochemical Company, the third joint workshop" "Now we have improved the sampling dish under the premise of ensuring quality monitoring needs, the wax sample reduction is reduced by 88%, and the savings will be saved. Transforming into a product, improving the yield, reducing waste.

"It is understood that the core connotation of Dalian Petrochemical Company" Fine Box Spirit "is" fine calculation, diligent holders ". In the 1960s, acetone is the main solvent of ketone benzene dewaxing, and it can only ferment acetone with corn noodles. The steamed bread can only produce a phane. At that time, the three-year natural disaster, the company proposed "a drip solvent is a steamed bun" "a drip solvent battle" vivid slogan.

Due to the pump leak, the solvent flows a place, because there is no suitable tool, the employees use the face into the bucket, and then simply use their own lunch box. The spirit of "Lunch Box Solvent" "Difficult to Was" is hereby inherited.


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