Beautify violent acts, willing to smear the port … Some Hong Kong media gournes the fire in Hong Kong

  Hong Kong is an important international information center in Asia Pacific. Here information is developed, and most of the Asia-Pacific headquarters of the Western main media are located here. German Schiller Institute expert Aosheng Customs: Take a look at Western media, many reports of distorting facts.

They see a double standard in Hong Kong issues, apparent that they are supporting the protesters. British scholar Rohesi: In Hong Kong, we see if the police use gas, or pull out the weapons, they are not really use, just want to express the meaning of others, will cause huge sensation, which is completely hypocritical.

  Since the absence of a wind wave, the imitation of the truth is in a big way.

  The "Apple Daily" is the main representative of the non-port-like medium and some Western media is: I don’t mention the radical molecules first attack, nor will I play the mobs, only the police wavy baton, launch the bullet.

  Hong Kong citizens: Now Hong Kong’s news media, reporter, radio, there is a score to become a must-have, our Hong Kong police, beautify the behavior.

They said that "Democracy" "Freedom" "Fair" "fair" "fair" is for themselves, and it is a double standard for others. On July 28, 2019, there were illegal parade assets in several regions such as Hong Kong, and the police arrested 49 people in the Qingfang action, 44 of them were arbitrarily violent. Since some suspects were detained in Kwai Chung Police, illegal assembly threatened to enclose the sunflower police. After receiving the command of the protecting the sun, Liu Zeji and teammates arrived at the police station at 7:00 am on July 30.

  At 6 o’clock in the same day, more than 2,000 illegal assemblies began to gather, surrounded by Kwai Chung Police. The guards in the police station pay close attention to the situation outside.

At 11 o’clock that night, they found a man who was killed by the mob, temporarily formed a small team, and went to rescue the injured man.

  During the process of rescued this man, Liu Zeji and teammates were punished, he was pushed down, and the mob was beaten against him. Liu Zeji, a police station, police station, police station, policeman: they push me on the ground and hit me, use my head to take my head, play me with a wooden stick, very hard, very fierce.

When I was dizzy, there is a person who wants to grab my gun. I know someone wants to grab my gun. I use the whole body’s strength, pull my long gun back to my side. With the assistance of teammates, Liu Zeji stood up and handheld a long gun pointing to the mobs, but did not shoot. According to the Hong Kong "Police Code", the police personnel can use the guns in the following situations: Liu Zeji said that his purpose was just to rescue the hurt man, pointed to the gun. The mob, it is a helpless. In addition, he waited in the weapon carried by him, there was a short gun with a killing force bullet.

According to the regulations, the critical moment, he can also pull out this short gun to self-defense. However, he did not use a short gun. Liu Zeji: This gun is too dangerous, will die, don’t want to hurt people. Now, they don’t know if we are cherishing them. Their performance tells me that they don’t have a policeman at all.

  On the evening of July 30, 2019, Liu Zeji took the photo of the gun, quickly spread online and was deliberately distorted by the media that had a heart, and they didn’t care about the fact that the policeman was attacked by the mob, but accused the police to use violence to deal with "demonstration".

  Liu Zeji: After I was injured, I now, Hong Kong’s media, there is no media to find me.

They know what I am doing, they don’t want to give you this opportunity to clarify. Hong Kong Media put our current situation black and white, and the media is in front of it to put our police in a black police.

  The lens is always aligned with the law enforcement, ignoring the violence, and the question has been a position, deliberately induce or even doped with vicious personal attacks, reports often in the rumors, using the white horse certificate non-horse, known as the objective neutral " "Distort Report".

  Some media in Hong Kong cooperate with Western media, and rationalize the mobs and deprived of public knowing. British scholar Rohesi: Their most commonly used distortion strategy is deliberately exaggerating some of the impact, and does not report a fair balance report, these are fake news, I call them "strengthen news." Timely, comprehensive, real report is the life line of the media, the flat, professional, and objective is the most basic professionalism of the news. Unfortunately, in the case of the wind wave in Hong Kong, some Hong Kong media act as the "spokesperson" of the Western forces, and they have no midst of life, and they will smear the port police, destroy the SAR government, beautify violent acts, instance of social emotions, It is nothing more than to cast a fire on Hong Kong.

  There are two kinds of "black horror" that filled Hong Kong, one is a chamber of the human eye, and a rumor that does not lift the smoke but hurt people.

  This Hong Kong is a Hong Kong shaded by malicious lies.

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