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In recent years, in the case of "80" "90" young cadres, the Tibet District Director Working Committee puts youth theory as an important task of party building, strengthens organizational leadership.

Liu Jiang, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and Liu Jiang, secretary of the District Directors, have to put the young theory learning to the prominent position. By establishing the forms of youth theory study group, the universal theory of youth theory is far away.

The District Circular Working Committee has formulated the "Guidelines for the Work of the Youth Theoretical Learning Group of Digital Organs", and the establishment, learning content, learning, management, etc. of the Youth Theoretical Learning Group.

At the same time, the notice is issued, which makes specific requirements for the work of the school youth theory study team this year.

At present, there are more than 520 young people’s units have established a young theoretical study team, and continuously promote the activities of "Misching theory, comparison strong belief" activities, and the organization mobilized young cadres actively played in "I do practical things for the masses". The majority of youth theoretical literacy, ideological consciousness and business ability continue to improve.

Learn to get the law, get the best. In order to continuously improve your youth theoretical learning effect, it has achieved an experience opening, typical leading purpose. Since this year, the District of China has led to Xi Jinping ‘s ecological civilization. All joint colleges have explored some useful experience practices from the actual departure unit. One is a tightly theme, with different carriers. Use the "Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Learning Question and Answers", this party history, the designated textbook, organizes youth to learn related articles. The important instructions of the study Xi Jinping on Tibet’s important instructions, especially the important instructions for the construction of Tibet’s ecological civilization, as the top priority, and promote the spirit of the seventh Tibet work symposium in the central government.

The Development and Reform Commission organizes youth learning Xi Jinping’s general book to report to the Congress of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Comprehensive Scientific Research Team, to the "2019 · China Tibet Development Forum" congratulatics, important instructions on the problem of Mount Everest. The Ecological Environmental Office organizes youth to continue to learn about the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference, the "People’s Republic of China Environmental Protection Law" as the focus of business learning, and puts the learning method as the implementation of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization. Specific action.

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