Fun skin care fashion Japanese bubble mask_1

Fun skin care fashion Japanese bubble mask

Recently, there is a new trend on the market, that is, bubble mask!

This is a “fun maintenance style” blowing from Japan. Let’s follow the editor today to see some of the popular one-sided bubble masks!

  Know the knowledge of bubble mask, now the market can produce foam surface products: 1, high-pressure gas cylinder filling, can generate a lot of foam like boys shaving foam, the advantage is that the foam is dense and consumes less, it must be someone who makes the foamIf these skins remain, they may be more irritating.

  2. Add foaming ingredients such as carbonic acid to generate bubbles by chemical action. The ingredients are safer earlier, but they are mostly soapy formulas. Even if multiple moisturizing and anti-allergic ingredients are added, the overall degreasing power is still strong.For a while, the skin may feel tight and basically suitable for oily skin.

  So for the above reasons, in fact, you can also understand why the instructions for using this mask product are often recommended to be laid for a short time, such as 3 minutes or even 30 seconds.

  If you want to avoid irritation or dryness, it is recommended not to apply it for more than 5 minutes, and use clean water immediately after application?
If your skin becomes drier after use, reduce the frequency of use or moisturize the skin with the moisturizer.

  Reasons for SHILLS MediSPA mineral bubble mask: transparent gel, kneading with water will produce foam similar to facial cleanser, containing olive leaves to help moisturize, arbutin can brighten white, witch hazel, allantoin and other anti-allergy, it is recommended to applyAfter 5 minutes of washing, the effect is more obvious.

  WHIP PACK Japanese Enzyme Bubble Regenerating Mask (WHIP PACK Bubble Mask) Recommended reason: Apply the gel to the skin, and the enzyme contained in it will create foam after about 1 minute. It also contains Q10, soy extract and other ingredients to help moisturize.Rattan, witch hazel and other circulation-assistant and anti-allergic agents provide a moisturizing and moisturizing effect. The ingredients are safe and can be used for 5?
10 minutes.

  Indie Butterfly EDN Deep Sea Caviar Wake Up Skin Revitalizing MousseRecommended reason: Use a cylinder to make dense foam, add caviar extract to help repair the skin, milk, chamomile, oat, sweet myrrh, etc. absorb moisturizing and anti-allergic agents, nourishing ingredientsRich, can be left for 5 minutes.

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