How to make yourself a goddess of fortune


How to make yourself a goddess of fortune

Looking at the girlfriend around her, some people are particularly lucky: she can go straight up all the way, she set a diamond king five early, she is always cute, and you?

But it was bleak.

Do you often worry about doing this?

In fact, every day can be a golden starting point, or it may be marching towards hell.

It all depends on whether you can tune your senses, mind, and life track.

Becoming a good luck woman is no more difficult than getting a driver’s license.

  The first lesson is: respect for civilians.

  Buddha Seal and Su Dongpo often practice Zen meditation.

Once, after the appointment, Dongpo said that in the meditation, he saw the Buddha’s seal as yellow cow dung (this thing is similar to the monk’s daily dress).

Foyin said Dongpo was a Buddha who made him understand.

Dongpo Dale didn’t know it was just a win.

  Because the state of meditation is what you see in your eyes, and what you think in your heart, nature naturally blooms.

  It is true that if you regard others as excreta, they will never regard you as a god.

  The second lesson is: Love yourself.

  The core idea of Wu Danru’s inspirational new book “Be a Good Life Girl” is: There is a secret to creating good life, that is, being good to yourself, luck will be good.

  Be nice to yourself, the first article is to be happy.

  Playing against others makes you happy, then you try your best.

Jane Jingping makes you comfortable, so keep it, and don’t change it externally.

  Love yourself is not used to yourself, let alone selfish.

(Both of these will offend the first lesson.

) Love yourself is to recognize yourself, educate and cultivate yourself.

  ”Newsweek” in the United States has selected 20 outstanding women who have led the new generation of the United States, and summarized ten principles based on their experience: love competition, don’t only care about friendship, protect your own interests, believe in your instincts, often show confidence and acknowledge yourselfAchievements, ask other women, insist on their own pay, make mistakes and change, and be a person who solves problems by himself.

  These ten rules, if you can achieve half, anyone can become a good luck woman.

  The third lesson: insight into life.

  The friend Fat Cat is a senior Garfield fan.

He admires the conversation between Garfield and his master most-Jon: Garfield, I love you very much.

Garfield: Me too. I love myself.

  Analyze Garfield’s words: “Me too” This is to imitate the master, and imitation is to show maximum respect for others.

(Scientists who study body language demonstrate that subordinates who mimic supervisors are most likely to be promoted.)

) “I love myself too”, apparently Garfield has completed two lessons in good fortune, and in the third session, it did better-Garfield and the puppy were lost once and were held in an animal shelter for several days.

After a few days of depression at home, Jon came to the pet shop, saw them, was overjoyed, and went home together.

  In the days of wandering and detention, Garfield must have hoped that Jon would rescue him.

Garfield must have been disappointed: The world really didn’t leave anyone and stopped working.

After trying to understand this, Garfield quickly disappeared, and happiness returned to him.

There is a qualitative leap in happiness this time and in the past.

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