Institutions in 5 days research 50 companies 22 companies forecast semi-annual results

Institutions in 5 days research 50 companies 22 companies forecast semi-annual results

“Securities Daily” reporter found that according to the flush flush statistics, from July 8 to 12, a total of 50 listed companies received fund companies, securities companies, overseas institutions, sunny private equity, insurance companies and other internal investigations.

  From the number of institutions participating in the survey, of the above 50 listed companies, Sunlord Electronics (18), Sofia (18), Qutu (15), Zhejiang Longsheng (13) and Skyworth Digital (10) and other 5 companies received or participated in the survey. The number of institutions reached or exceeded 10, two six three (9), Yixintang (8), Huang Shanghuang (8), Saurer Intelligent (7)), China Merchants Port (7), * ST Ronglian (6), Narr (6), Goldwind Technology (6), Guangdong Expressway A (6), CLP Xingfa (5), Anche Inspection (5 companies), Lingnan Co. (5 companies), AVIC Aircraft (5 companies) and * ST Fangu (right protection) (5 companies) and other companies also received centralized investigations by institutions during this period, all reaching 5And above.

  The above-mentioned stocks studied by the institution have gradually become active recently. Among the 50 stocks studied, 16 stocks have outperformed the broad market in the past 5 days (the gradual expansion of the index during the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 2).


Among them, English and Tang Zhikong (5.

48%), Goldwind Technology (5.

37%), China Merchants Port (2.

80%), Guangdong Expressway A (2.

71%), * Ronglian (2.

21%), Stone new materials (1.

96%) and other individual stocks gradually increased by more than 1% during the period.

  In terms of capital flow, a total of 13 stocks were favored by the mainstream funds in the market in the past 5 days, and the total net inflow of large single funds reached 2.

1 billion yuan.

Specifically, Goldwind Technology (15531.

99 million yuan), Guangdong Expressway A (2199.

570,000 yuan) and Saurer Intelligent (1004.

The average value of the net inflow of funds from large singles increased by 3 stocks during the period reached more than 10 million yuan. Aojiahua (994.

920,000 yuan), Wanhe Electric (389.

130,000 yuan), Sichuan Energy (316.

280,000 yuan), Daan shares (221.

700,000 yuan), English and Tang Zhikong (134.

120,000 yuan), Stone New Materials (126.

600,000 yuan), China Merchants Port (40.

600,000 yuan), Weiye shares (39.

520,000 yuan) and GF Securities (8.

(190,000 yuan) and other stocks during the period also realized a large single fund net inflow.

  Further statistics found that up to now, 22 of the above 50 companies have taken the lead in disclosing 佛山桑拿网 the 2019 semi-annual report performance forecast, and the number of companies that have forecasted results for performance reached 16, accounting for more than 70%.

Among them, Sichuan Energy (645.

76%), * Ronglian (580%), Shengnong Development (395.

51%), China Merchants Port (294.

2%), Ganneng shares (106.

8%) and safety car detection (100.

45%) and other 6 companies are expected to increase their performance in the semi-annual report for 2019 by more than 100%.

  Regarding the investment logic of the market outlook, CITIC Securities said that the factors that have recently disturbed the market have actually changed fundamentally in the medium term.

The pace of liquidity easing is divergent, but the trend of its marginal easing to repair A shares is unchanged; the policy of economic and financial protection 北京夜生活网 will not change, and the intensity will only increase.

A shares have not changed, and are still in a slow upward channel; in terms of configuration, it is recommended to strengthen the layout of the semi-annual reports that exceed expectations.

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